About the Bronzes and Paintings


Ernest Berke, an easterner like Frederic Remington and George Catlin, "in spirit " is a true Westerner. After his passing in 2010, a significant number of oil paintings and bronzes were "resurrected" from his Scottsdale studio. Almost all of the oil paintings, and a number of bronzes had never been exhibited in any public gallery. For nearly 20 years the work sat untouched and unseen. In late 2011 the complete restoration of the sculptures began at Bollinger-Atelier foundry, formerly Arizona Bronze. The process took a good deal of time and expense, but was well worth the effort. The pieces now look the way they did the day the artist put the first coat of wax on them, and can be seen in the "Bronzes" gallery in their original condition. 

All of the sculptures are originals and the last of their kind. These pieces are not reproductions. The original molds were no longer viable, and have been destroyed as per the artist's request. This is in keeping with the number of castings within the limits of the original edition. Each piece is signed, numbered, copyrighted, and bears a foundry mark. 

Every step of the casting process from touching up the original wax, the lost wax casting process, chasing, braising, patina application, and polishing, were all overseen and done by the artist himself.  

The original oil paintings underwent a similar process of renewal. All of the paintings are signed, dated, bear a copyright mark and were framed by the artist when first completed. They will be shipped with the original frames. It is soley at the buyers discretion, to keep the original frame, or re-frame the work as he or she sees fit. 

A number of original works remain that have yet to be photographed. Some of these works are not in the Western genre and they will be added to the appropriate gallery in the near future. 

Pricing structure for the bronzes and oil paintings covers a fairly wide range. Please e-mail info@ernestberkeart.com or call for a price quote...we look forward to speaking with you. During his long career, many of Ernest's clients became good friends and we hope to carry on that tradition. 

Only the works in the Bronzes, Oil Paintings, Lithographs, and Black and White Prints sections of this site are available for purchase. All other images of the artist's work have been sold to private collectors, or reside in museums and institutions. 

Offers to purchase the entire collection will be given consideration.