The Buffalo Hunt ... a tribute


Few photos exist of the life sized version"The Buffalo Hunt" as the artist was creating the piece This sculpture was Berke's swan song work. This is his tribute to all the Native American cultures he so loved, but especially to all the tribes of the great plains who's lives were inextricably tied to the buffalo. It is a nod of respect to their struggle, courage, resourcefulness, an respect for all of earth's creatures great and small...both animate and inanimate. Pictured here, are the two works that inspired the life sized piece. One image is of the original painting that spawned the idea for the smaller artist's maquette, {cast in bronze}, and seen here as well. The completed life-sized wax can be seen in the image gallery under " The Buffalo Hunt" size. The photo was taken in the artist's studio in Scottsdale shortly after its completion. The molds for this piece have been made, and are being stored at Santa Fe Bronze, ready to be cast. Pricing, and information on producing the finished work is available upon request. 

Dimensions 18 ft long x 11ft tall 

Note: This piece is an exact life size version of the small "Buffalo Hunt" as seen in the Bronzes Gallery 

*this work will be limited an edition of two